Understatement OTD: “One of the things we will be looking at urgently is the communications team”

Says the representative of the Argyll and Bute Council in Scotland, whose heavy-handed response streisand-effected a regional scandal into a worldwide media storm about attempts to censor a schoolgirl blogging their school lunches. Now the school lunch menu is being reformed, and the furore helped her raise more than £80,000 for development charity Mary’s Meals. Martha Payne is authentically awesome.

Weekend Womenscraft: baking for AdaCamp

The Ada Initiative, a group promoting women in open source and open culture, had their first AdaCamp in early January. In order to save some money, and because I like food to be inclusive for everyone, Brianna and I volunteered to do all the baking ourselves.

Do you have any idea

… how many culinary mishaps can arise when one replaces firstly the microwave with a slightly less powerful model, and then the convection oven with a slightly more powerful model?

Noms Thread: Winter Warmers

I’ve been cooking a lot of soups and stews lately, plus even more roasts than usual. What’s everybody else found specially nommish while it’s cold?

If you’ve already blogged some recipes, please do link!