Media Circus: Australia votes 2016

Need a last minute guide and cheat sheet generator to take into the polling booth (and know which polling place near you has the oughta-be-obligatory Democracy Sausage sizzle happening)? Here’s the links you need.

Media Circus: Vegemite Chocolate edition

The very idea is undoubtedly an Abomination unto Nuggan, and Ed Milliband would probably make a mess of eating any. Bill Shorten will say something graceless, and the teaser for the SBS documentary will be epic.

What’s piqued your media interests lately?

Happy Epic Pi Day

Only really works when one writes the date in that teeth-itch-making USian way, but today, 3.14.15 9:26:53 captures the first ten digits of pi – which happens once a century (according to David Brin on FB).

Think is not braneing – cooking instead

I find my concentration on the computer lapses when I have a head cold. So yesterday I started on some bulk cooking instead, to stock up my freezer with winter yums.

Anyway, it’s been a while since we had a recipe thread. Who’s got something good to share?

National Leftovers Day

What to do with the food that’s still in the fridge on Boxing Day? Too much of it these days tends to get thrown out after the gathering is over because it’s too much to get through before it goes off, and that’s a terrible waste.

BFTP: Io, Saturnalia!

For those of us who like the December Solstice holiday season to last as long as possible, starting the celebrations tomorrow for Saturnalia is a top-notch idea.