gender equity

Cloaking device

I spoke to a guy in a long coffee queue to point out there was another, unused machine 3 feet away, and even bearing news of speedy caffeine, and wearing a bright red dress, I was apparently invisible.

A woman at a tech event, unaccompanied by any men, is just too unlikely to be believed.

The attempts to shut women down continue

Two women who have been the subject of floods of contemptuous and dismissive abuse as part of their public life write about their experiences and point out that their experience is the cultural norm, not any outlier experience.

Wendy and Peter Pan and the RSC

Hands up who knew (or at least now remembers that they once knew) that the original play (and subsequent novelisation) by J.M. Barrie was titled “Peter Pan And Wendy” rather than just the “Peter Pan” that current publications and productions favour?

Is Australia more feminist?

The Australian prime minister Julia Gillard’s labelling of the leader of the opposition, Tony Abbott, a “misogynist” has become the focus of intense debate both in Australia and here in the UK. What has been most striking for me is… Read More ›

A Minister for Men?

Yes, we’ve heard it before. Why is there a Minister for Women and not a Minister for Men? Why is there an International Women’s Day but not an International Men’s Day? Why do we need the Orange Prize and the… Read More ›