Deveny! Deveny! Deveny!

According to the angriest keyboard pounders in the Twitterverse, Catherine Deveny rudely interrupted & talked loudly over the top of everybody else on Q&A on Monday night, and was especially disrespectful to the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, Peter Jensen. What a frightfully boorish display that would be if it were true.

How to do a homophobic political ad

Bob Katter’s Australia Party are running a homophobic television advertisement to try and convince Queenslanders to vote for them instead of the alternative conservative political party, the Liberal National Party (LNP) in the forthcoming state election.


This is a Summer Slowdown Guest Post (thanks QoT!) – a repost of a blog post from earlier this year. Clearly the media meme of the month is “won’t someone think of the children, and the imaginary innocence we ascribe to them in order to justify our lack of openness about basic anatomy because it’s ~icky~?”

Today in good news

1. DADT repeal bill signed. 2. UN resolution condemning extrajudicial killings reinstates sexual orientation clause. 3. Sady Doyle gets a good night’s sleep.