FFS @thedailybeast: How About Thinking Things Through? #grindrstunt

[Content Note: homophobia, homophobic oppression, trivialisation of homophobia]

Slate: Why That Daily Beast Piece on Gay Sex Apps in Rio Is More Poisonous Than the Water – The Daily Beast Just Violated Queer Athletes, Gay Space, and Journalistic Standards in One Fell Swoop

Nico Hines wrote a “light” piece for the Daily Beast (not linking, you should be able to find it if you want to) about athletes and dating apps, by creating profiles for himself (none of which disclosed his role as a journalist) on various apps and seeing who messaged him. His article focussed on who approached him via Grindr, and while he didn’t name any of the men who contacted him, he did give details about their height & weight, events and country they represented – more than enough for some of them to be easily identified with a quick Google search. Did some of those athletes represent countries well known for homophobic oppression? Of course they did, and Nico Hines either didn’t know or didn’t care, and he had a journalistic responsibility to find out whether he was endangering people by including such unique identifying details in his article. After many objections were raised by the queer community on social media, the article was edited to remove those personal details, but they obviously should never have been published in the first place.

Greta Christina wrote a letter of complaint to the editors of Daily Beast.

If you want to write to Daily Beast about this, their email address is editorial@thedailybeast.com. Their Twitter handle is @thedailybeast.

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