How to do a homophobic political ad

Bob Katter’s Australia Party are running a homophobic television advertisement to try and convince Queenslanders to vote for them instead of the alternative conservative political party, the Liberal National Party (LNP) in the forthcoming state election. Given this is an ad where it is conservative against conservative, there’s a big effort being made in the ad to say that the alternative conservative choice, the LNP, is too close to the progressive environmental party, the Greens. And given that the leader of the Greens is a happily partnered, gay man, well, all the better for their gay conspiracy.

It is a very blunt ad, take a look.

Here are some interesting things to notice in their advertisement:

  • The leader of the LNP, Campbell Newman is shown working with laundry. Lady work.
  • Loving heterosexual family juxtaposed against loving homosexual family for maximum contest. There can only be one winner.
  • The loving heterosexual family is smiling, the loving homosexual family is not. What’s the problem, sin getting you down?
  • The loving heterosexual family is an extended family, the loving homosexual family is not. They’re not one of us.
  • The loving heterosexual family are clothed, the loving homosexual family is not. Gay family time is nekkid time.
  • The loving homosexual family are two men with what appears to be a signficant age difference. Paedophile alert.
  • Finally, notice that the loving homosexual family requires pixellating. Why is that?

If you freeze-frame the ad the loving homosexual family appears to have what might be a baby, but they have been pixellated so strongly that it is really hard to say what they’re holding there exactly. Could be gay, kinky stuff that is so bad it must be censored or could be their adorable, much-loved baby?

Perhaps Bob Katter’s Australia Party feels it is unfair to show the baby’s face in an ad running down his/her family, but then how fair is it to run down the baby’s family in the first place?

Image: A still from the ad showing the loving homosexual family, described in the text.

Also, the pixellating is used even when nothing like a baby can be seen. Is the idea of men’s bodies being close together in affection kinda obscene?

Image: Another still from the ad showing the loving homosexual family, described in the text.


Image: Bob Katter and two men friends fishing and being affectionate together. One man has his arm around Katter.

Cross-posted at blue milk. Thank you to Mark and Kim of Larvatus Prodeo for the link to the ad.

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  1. OMG. I really hope that Katter’s party gets whomped and go away with their tail between their legs. We do not need that crap.

  2. And conservative pundit, Andrew Bolt has a go at Katter’s homophobic ad. Good.

  3. Great post, Blue Milk. Linking on facebook.

  4. Even if I wasn’t a strong supporter of marriage equality, that style of ad is guaranteed to make me think less of the people who made it. Yuck!

  5. this ad is actually a very effective marketing tool for campbell newman in a way. not sure how to vote? wonder which candidate is pro gay-marriage? look, it’s campbell newman!
    notice how everyone in that ad appears to be white, too.

  6. @tree: sadly, this isn’t true. Campbell Newman may personally be for same sex marriage, but his party platform is that the recent Qld civil union legislation will be overturned if they come into power.
    Supposedly, this is an ad about how two-faced and vacillating CN is. The fact that it just looks like rampant homophobia to anyone who doesn’t know the background, is, I’m sure purely accidental.

  7. A horrible sideline is Wendy Francis (Australian Christian Lobby director) who is apparently “surprised” by the response:
    “I’m not sure why they find it offensive. I was watching it myself on TV this morning, saying ‘What is it that the gay activists actually find offensive?’,” she said.
    Why the faux innocence and disingenuousness when she knows very well? Truly awful.

  8. Also, we’re supposed to believe these photos of this gay couple are the same as (or easily mistaken for) a quite different photo of another gay couple, the one featured in the Rip and Roll campaign. Puh-lease.
    (a photo Wendy Francis or her ilk were strongly opposed to, as harmful to poor school children who might have to look at it. Whereas she has no concern about the effect of this ad – or is it only shown after bedtime?)

  9. The mystery pixellation is actually my favourite part just because it’s so unclear what it’s meant to be hiding without seeing the original images. It just triggers the imagination so well. We had an extensive guessing competition to try to figure it out. A wedding dress? A polar bear cub? Nipple tassels?
    No! Breasts and a belly!

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