Friday Hoyden: Sady Doyle

Sady Doyle from the fantastic Tiger Beatdown blog gave Hoyden About Town a shout-out in a piece she wrote for In These TimesBlogging Sisterhood: How feminist blogs saved my life. So here’s a shout-out back, to one of my favourite writers!

Continuing a conversation

There was a non-whimsical segue on LP’s Wednesday Whimsy thread between one ossie and myself. I offered to continue the conversation here at Hoyden rather than derail the thread. If ossie wants to, here’s the thread to do it.

Quickhit: Read this instead

Instead of what, you ask? Instead of the latest trollery from an evpsych twonk I won’t bother linking to because he’s successfully managed to get plenty of feminist blogs to link to him already, that’s what.

LP in exile

Larvatus Prodeo now has a back-up blog, set up to allow comments while the main blog is being drowned in spam (and thus has had the comments turned off). Head on over, LarvyProdders! LP should be migrating to a new… Read More ›