The Feminist Web

Ever wanted to visualise the feminist blogging Anglosphere with an interactive map and a US-centric focus? Here’s your chance: The Feminist Web, from linkfluence and Fem2pt0. You’ll need the username/password fem2pt0/linkfluence.

On ambient intimacy and assistive devices

I was having a discussion about ambient intimacy in a couple of elsewheres, where I tried (and possibly failed) to say that what is so reviled by opinion editors and other meatsnobs can be useful in all sorts of ways.

I like the little slices of life on my friends’ livejournals, however trivial, because I just can’t access this sort chatter in my meatspace. Yes, I want to know how

Internet or sex?

This is all over the news. WA Today reports: “Woman [sic] choose web over sex”: Nearly one out of two women would rather give up sex for two weeks than go without the internet, according to a survey released today…. Read More ›