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Ever wanted to visualise the feminist blogging Anglosphere with an interactive map and a US-centric focus? Here’s your chance: The Feminist Web, from linkfluence and Fem2pt0. You’ll need the username/password fem2pt0/linkfluence.

Edited: Aus/NZ blogs in there (thanks, commenters, keep them coming!):

Hoyden About Town (you’re standing in it)
In a Strange Land
Blue Milk
Hellon Hairy Legs
She Who Stumbles
Capitalism Bad, Tree Pretty
Finally, A Feminism 101 Blog
The Hand Mirror


The other non-US blogs include Womanist Musings, Rose’s Place, mirabile dictu, The F-Word, Shut Up Sit Down, and Philobiblon.

You can also see their “top 30” blogs here, based primarily on link influence. It looks like there are a couple of bugs to work out – they include livejournal as a whole, for example – but an interesting project nevertheless.

[via the F-Word UK]

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  1. I got linked on it. See, just over there, where I’m pointing! About 5cm to the left and 3cm down from HaT. Though the display I’m getting is a slightly different size from the one you have posted about. And it’s debatable whether I am an NZ blog, or an Australian one, or one with weird mid-Tasman accent. The Hand Mirror is on there too.
    Deborah’s last blog post..It’s not sex, it’s rape

  2. Fixed, Deborah! It’s hard to search for those who don’t use the country-code TLDs. If you spot any others, please let me know in comments.

  3. Blue Milk’s there too, and Hellon Hairy Legs, and She Who Stumbles. But I couldn’t find Helen of Cast Iron Balcony fame, nor Penguin Unearthed, nor The Dawn Chorus.
    Best I go and do some housework now…

  4. I can’t get in to have a look…it just keeps asking for the passwords etc even though I enter them. 😦
    It’s pretty though!

  5. Still not doing any housework…
    fp, that’s a zero at the end of the user name, not an “o”, and the password is not “link” followed by “influence” – it’s “link” followed by “fluence”, so it’s a clever little audio pun – “linkfluence” (say it out loud).
    I can tell you this because I had to do a copy-and-paste from Lauredhel’s post before I could get in, and then I realised what I had been doing…
    Sorry if I’m teaching my granny to suck eggs here….
    I couldn’t find you, alas. It looks like it’s very much a work-in-progress.
    Deborah’s last blog post..Connected!

  6. There’re also Crimitism, Capitalism Bad; Tree Pretty, Finally Feminism 101 and Hexpletive.
    Chally’s last blog post..Fancy that, did you know, FYI

  7. There is also The Dawn Chorus and my blog Fat Lot of Good (which deals with Fat Activism and feminist issues.

  8. Thanks for the linky! Cool website too. I notice I can only get on to it from here.


  9. What no “Australian Women Online”? 😉

  10. I’d kinda like this thread to stay positively pro-feminist, without bringing in off-topic snark from old conversations, clarencegirl. Ta.

  11. And I should have said before, to the Hoydens – congratulations! It’s great to see you there in the top 30.

  12. Thanks Deborah *grin*

  13. Yes, congratulations! And doesn’t the map look gorgeous? I so like those types of things.

  14. I’m not sure if this Canadian feminist site is on there but, if not, it should be:

  15. Bri, I’m using the search function on the Feminist Web page and I’m getting no result for the Dawn Chorus or your blog.

  16. Wow, that’s pretty cool.

  17. It really is purty. Now if only we can make it spell out some secret feminist message like Fuck off MRA’s or sommat. Sort of the visual equivalent to playing Led Zeppelin backsdarw.


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