Retro Hoyden: “Feisty Olympians defy the odds”

Despite being born with the use of both legs, many of these bipedal athletes inspire us with their commitment and guts. Having typically learned to walk around the age of one, these amazing Olympians don’t let their lurching two-phase locomotion hold them back. Thought they may look unwieldy to the naive eye, as viewers their movements soon look natural to us. We can see their grace and nimbleness shine through.

2010 Andrew Olle Media Lecture – Alan Rusbridger

Rusbridger examines the common comparison made between the digital publishing revolution and the Gutenberg press publishing revolution in terms of rewriting the landscape for the dissemination of information, analysis and opinion, and concludes that the digital publishing revolution is a far more profound change to our intellectual landscape because…

Quickhit: Women in media

An op-ed from the BBC News Magazine online. Raises many good points, some info I didn’t know, the conclusion seems to trail off. Thoughts? Hat/tip to lurker J.