“Letting his lust get the better of him”

Cut for nasssty rape triggers.

The Beeb is reporting “Sex-with-corpse man “did not know victim was dead””.

Mark Dixie is accused of murder. His defence? He didn’t really murder Sally Anne Bowman, he just stumbled across her naked body in a pool of blood, was overcome with “lust”, and he “took advantage of the situation”. He didn’t actually realise she was dead, see. Because nothing says “Come and fuck me, big boy” like lying motionless in a driveway in a pool of your own blood!

Bear in mind this is his defence. Not the prosecution’s allegations, the accused’s DEFENCE.

Another article says that he stumbled across her when he left the house to buy cocaine, and that:

“He said there was no reaction during the sex attack, even when he bit her.”

Dixie has also been accused of stabbing a woman and raping her while she was unconscious, in Perth ten years ago. Awesome fetish, hey?

Can y’all spare a bit of your Graeme-Reeves outrage for this fellow? I’m sure there’s more than enough to go around.

And save a sliver for the assberet who chose the photo for the Beeb article – the victim, long blonde tresses cascading around her face, with her head tilted and lips slightly parted in a come-hither expression. Another article has a photo of her, hair blown by a fan, thumbs tucked into her low-riding jeans as if about to pull them down. Because those photos are ENTIRELY APPROPRIATE in an article about how she was stabbed to death, and her corpse raped by a coke-addled dickblister. They’re all gagging for it, dontcha know?

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  1. Re the photos:
    Wouldn’t the family or the police have supplied the photos?
    Though i guess it’s the newspaper’s choice as to which photo they ran…

  2. This pustulant hemorrhoid isn’t getting a scintilla of my Graeme-Reeves outrage, but he is getting a shitload of his own.

  3. Sorry for the potty mouth. Sometimes nothing else will do.

  4. Like UT, I wonder about those photos, but surely it’s fair to expect an editor to say, “do you have anything else?” if that’s all that was supplied. They’re going for a salacious angle when the story should be about horrible violence and insensitivity.

  5. I suspect the photos were supplied by Bowman’s modelling agent, whom the family might well have asked to act for them with respect to the press: the agent’s supposed to have experience, right?
    It looks like the agent might have been typical of the industry – an insensitive exploitative shit, more interested in showing the sort of photos s/he could arrange for teen models generally than being sensitive to a young woman’s death.

  6. She doesn’t update her blog very often, but Diana Blaine does a lot of work about the sexualisation of images of dead women. It’s disgusting, but I find myself sadly unsurprised that someone could use this defence; there may even be a few twisted members of the jury to whom it makes sense. Reading the article, we don’t seem to have any indication as to the prosecution’s response– I wonder if that’s because the prosecution gave an inadequate response, or because “if you jump on a bloody, unconscious woman and start having sex with her, it’s RAPE” isn’t newsworthy.

  7. Do any of you actually understand how the law works? Her vagina had his semen in it. He’s not got many options as to how to defend against evidence like that. Saying you only raped someone is a legitimate defence against murder and may make the difference between a life sentence with tariff and an indeterminate sentence. It’s not as if they’re just going to let him go with a slap on the wrist – in light of his previous conviction, his admission has almost certainly guaranteed a life sentence – his defence is an attempt to gain the possibility of parole.
    When reporting cases like these, the press use whatever photographs are most readily and conveniently available. The photos are clearly publicity photographs. They have shown this woman as she chose to be portrayed when she was alive. It was almost certainly a decision between choosing the available photographs or none at all. In the modern media environment, that’s a no-brainer if you want to maintain market share. I’m truly baffled if you choose to interpret the BBC’s editorial decision as misogynistic.

  8. Do any of you actually understand how the law works?

    Actually, I’m sure that most of us do, patronisinggent, and that this quite possibly is the best defence against murder charges that the defence could provide. That doesn’t mean that it is wrong to be outraged at the idea that people actually exist who would sexually attack a dying woman. It is a disgusting act, whether the defendant was the one who struck the mortal blows or not.

    I’m truly baffled if you choose to interpret the BBC’s editorial decision as misogynistic.

    You’re the first person to use that word in this thread. We’ve been castigating it as inappropriately titillating for a story about a young woman’s violent death. I’m sure that publicity photos were the most easily available. That doesn’t mean that more effort could not have been made to find a non-titillating photo of Bowman.

  9. I have seen at least four photos of the victim around, most looking like they came from the same shoot, and including one face-only shot that wasn’t come-hither. And one, only one photo, of the rapist/?murderder.
    The editors who are using the come-and-get-me photos have made a conscious choice to do so.
    If you’re deciding based on public interest, I submit that the photo of the rapist is more important. If you’re deciding based on skinny-blonde-white-teen-rape-stories-sell-papers, expect to get flak for it.

  10. I think of my rage like the love a parent has for their children: you can always have more. So, I have! Big boiling bubbling rage of stabby atabbiness for all these dudes. Also, if this is his defense, can he be charged in any way for reckless endangerment, or even manslaughter? Surely if you find someone bleeding to death, and you rape them, then you delayed getting them to a hospital and treatment, and also may have compounded their injuries resulting in death. Or something.
    Edie’s last blog post..Dildo.

  11. When I saw this story, I honestly took a few minutes to realise it was *real*. Because while, if it was not real, it would be a horrible, horrible joke, even that seems better than the sickening fact of its reality.
    Absolutely disgusting.
    Jo Tamar’s last blog post..Because while murder would be bad …

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