Julia Gillard

Gillard departs graciously

Julia Gillard is incredibly brave, astoundingly resilient, one of the toughest people we have seen in The Lodge. Through all the difficulties of her prime ministership she was stoic, dignified, composed, resilient. She departed in that style on Wednesday night…. Read More ›

When is anger allowed?

If you raise these issues when Gillard is riding high, you are accused of trying to bring her down. If you raise the issue when Gillard is trailing in the polls you are accused of trying to destroy her chances. If you raise these issues when everything is going smoothly then you are accused of rocking the boat.

Q&A – counterpoints, ambush and ripostes

Her responses to questions about the Allan Jones Ju-Liar episode, the outrage regarding carbon pricing and the latest round of Rudd being out of control claims were calm yet sharp and where possible good-humoured without being flippant.

Then came the Julian Assange video question. Is it really the place of the national broadcaster to set up an ambush effort that network tabloid current affairs programs would be dubious about?