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Dear Fellow Feminists

It seems we must hang our heads in shame for we have failed, again. What have we failed this time, I hear you sigh/gnash/spit/expletive? We have failed the Prime Minister by not supporting her against the slings and arrows of an outrageous media who are commenting on her clothing and appearance and making a fuss about her being a woman, an unmarried woman, an unmarried woman without children, an unmarried woman without children who is in charge of a minority government who refuses to call another election when it is demanded by the people who want to be represented but who seem to have a poor grasp of our electoral system. I could go on but I think the point has been made repeatedly.

We have failed to turn every single woman on the planet into a feminist, such is our failure that some women at anti-(Labor) Government rallies are holding placards which are not nice about our (female) Prime Minister. How have we fallen so low? What on earth have we been doing? What else is there for feminists to be focussing on? Really, focus people focus!

You can read about our failure here. Link via @agnessmack on Twitter.

You can also read about what HaT authors have had to say here: (there is lots more where this came from, this is just a taste)

Quickhit: Seriously, Coorey? by Jo Tamar
Quicklink: Newswithnipples on Mark Latham’s sexism by Tigtog
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A little lesson on undermining women in power by bluemilk
Oh please, give us some credit by me

And look, we were doing it even before she was PM…
Creaky gorgons, unite by Lauredhel
Go go Gillard by Tigtog
Welcome Rudd and Gillard by Lauredhel

All these links and more, from just this one feminist blog. Obviously there is more out there, but why bother doing research when you can spew out a few hundred words on why feminism has failed again? I mean all the free to air channels are run by notorious feminists, as are the morning TV shows* I don’t have pay TV so I can’t comment on that. How can we have so failed to get our message out there?

So really isn’t this just another iteration of where are the female political bloggers? Just another male blogger not bothering to do a search on google? Not looking at pro-Labor government rallies? Besides, why is this all the fault or responsibilities of feminists?

SotBO: Yes this is tongue in cheek, so tongue in cheek in fact I’m in danger of poking my tongue right through.

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  1. I’ve written a response of my own. It’s over here at Dreamwidth.
    We seem to be stuffing up all over the place. Frank O’Shea’s upset because we haven’t managed to dismantle the media gatekeeping apparatus, Clive Hamilton’s annoyed because we’re not acting as proper little reforming angels… really, we must lift our game, mustn’t we. Mustn’t let Teh Menz down.

  2. Remember: if one woman fails it’s because women are stupid. If one (white, straight, abled) man fails, it’s because of his actions.

  3. Whoa – it was bad enough when it was ‘Those no-good feminists!!!’. Then I read the segment where he goes to town on race! Eek! Feminists voted for Obama because he was brown-skinned? I remember a lot of articles about the policy differences between Obama and Clinton – many feminists stayed supportive of Clinton and a lot was written about the rampant sexism directed against her. Many supported Obama because they preferred his policies – had they done otherwise I’m sure on any other day they’d have been criticised for putting genitals above policies.
    I also remember the massive number of posts about the bullshit sexism levelled at Palin. That Palin is not a friend of feminism, that she is dangerous to feminism, but the staunch refusal to allow sexist bullshit against her regardless – whether we like ‘her’ or her policies, we still talked about the outrageous and unacceptable sexism at play.
    As others have pointed out there’s been a stream of posts about the sexist treatment of Gillard – and much about the recent attempt at comedy. Last week we were all being told how we were ugly shrews with no sense of humour and that it was comedy GOLD and only idiot feminists would say that show was sexist! Way to read too much INTO IT silly feminists. Now we’re being taken to task for not objecting *enough*. See how we can’t win Frank ‘I don’t mean to tell you your business even though that’s what I’m doing O’Shea?
    Bloody hell – I gave up blogging about the time of the election – sheer frikkin’ exhaustion. I’ve been dismayed and outraged. One of my last posts was on Miranda Effing Devine’s CRAP about how Gillard was a ‘bad role model’ to young women. I’ve had loud discussions in which I decry the sexism at work only to be completely dismissed as a loony! It’s *nothing to do with gender*.
    Not only can I not fix this broken world, but now I’m being doubly blamed for the brokenness of it? Bad, bad feminists! Where were you? (RIGHT HERE). Why weren’t you talking about it? (WE WERE). Why didn’t *I* see it? (BECAUSE YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT FEMINIST OPINION SO YOU IGNORE IT THEN BERATE YOUR IMAGINARY VERSION OF IT).
    Gosh – why did blogging exhaust me so much I quit??

  4. If one (white, straight, abled) man fails, it’s because of his actions.
    Unless there’s some way to blame that on women too.

  5. There’s a nice comment on that article :>

  6. Well, SunlessNick, that’s pretty much what’s going on here – Frank O’Shea is busy failing at feminism, and blaming the women for it.

  7. Well put.

  8. Thank you doubleantandre for the great comment on that post.

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