Julia Gillard

How the carbon price works

That is the whole point: to make goods that are generated with more carbon pollution relatively more expensive than goods that are generated with less carbon pollution.

It’s not the PM’s job

There is a media article out today accusing our PM of “sucking up to Americans” (i.e. Oprah) instead of helping Julian Assange*. Just so we are clear – Julian Assange is entitled to consular assistance while overseas, which I believe… Read More ›

Canberra’s great communicators

I have found the last few weeks of relentless spin about Rudd’s sudden transition from last year’s alleged cynical spinmeister whose soundbites mesmerised a malleable public to this year’s alleged droning word-salad-tosser who can’t convey his vision to the voters to be the most tedious period of media non-analysis for years.

Obligatory Tony Abbott Said What Now? Thread

Make no mistake. Having the nation start up a debate on premarital sexuality when it’s an issue that has hardly been on the political radar is no mean feat, and Abbott is aiming to shift the Overton Window on this and other social matters.