Janet and Tony, up in a tree…


After everything that went down yesterday, Albrechtsen’s column for today is themed:

Rudd’s easier for Abbott to knock out than Gillard.

9/10 for chutzpah in trying to ignore today’s major news story (“actually, Abbott is an obvious dill“), 3/10 for relevance.

The first three quarters of Planet Janet’s column is essentially a mash note (with some sideswipes at that horrid unhunky Kevin), and the last quarter is a bit of flirtatious finger-wagging at Tones for being such a silly-billy for putting families before economics with his parental leave policy.

What’s she smoking?

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  1. While reading Janet’s column made me nauseous it did remind me of this and while I would love to see a woman PM, I, a) don’t think Kev’s going anywhere soon, he is definitely more popular than the MSM are letting on, b) Julia’s performance in the Education portfolio gives me chills as her policy is virtually indistinguishable from her previous Liberal counterpart (although Julia implements it without the death stare) and so I can’t bring myself to endorse her as PM.

    • Rayedish, totally agree that Rudd’s not going anywhere. This whole narrative of Gillard just waiting to backstab Kev and take the leadership is a Murdoch press fantasy – they (a) think that Abbott/Gillard will provide better stoush soundbites and pics and (b) they actually think she would be easier to beat than Kev, and are desperately trying to manufacture a spill for that reason alone.
      While there’s many things I admire about Gillard, her policies aren’t one of them, so I’m with you there as well. I’m a lot more leftie than the current ALP, so most of their policies don’t impress me much.

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