Andrews on Haneef

Kevin Andrews offers some explanation of the previously secret information upon which he relied. Mr Andrews said the AFP had told him before making his visa decision that police suspected the internet conversation may be evidence Dr Haneef had prior… Read More ›

Beyond parody

Greg Sheridan in the Government Gazette. But I would trust our democratic political system a thousand times more than I would trust its civil liberties lawyers.

Howard’s Wedge

Or, as Kim has named it, Tampa 2007. Prime Minister John Howard has announced a sweeping authoritarian plan of managing indigenous communities in the Northern Territory, with the stated purpose of combatting the horrifying rates of child sexual abuse amongst… Read More ›

Othering and hate crime legislation

Wherever so-called hate-crime legislation is passed, the strawmen get built and waved around at an alarming rate. The biggest strawman in the current debate about hate crime legislation in the USA is that it gives gays, blacks, non-Christians special rights… Read More ›