What goes around comes around: sins of the fathers division

Via Ann at Feministing, we find that a young woman athlete who has unwillingly become an Internet poster object has a father whose career in law has consisted of several high profile defences of men who objectify, harass and sexually assault women. He is, of course, outraged that his daughter has been objectified in this way, because she of course doesn’t deserve it like those other sluts did.

Ann details certain of his most infamous pronouncements about the victims of the men he was defending. Disdain for the victims doesn’t begin to cover it.

I feel even sorrier for Alison Stokke now. The way that certain jerks have used a photo of her at an athletics meet as wankfodder was bad enough [a fine rant from Twisty on that], but that she’s had to grow up with a father who makes public statements that some women deserve to be sexually assaulted, just because they can be, is even worse.

Ann says “maybe, just maybe” Stokke’s attitude might change now that it has affected a person he cares about and actually sees as having real, valid emotions. And maybe that will mean that the next time some appalling sexual assault happens in California, Stokke won’t defend the offender, and maybe they won’t get away with it. We can dream.

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