A fine rant from Amanda: Subsidized day care is murder – inspired by yet more US “pro-life” legislation against contraception that will result in increased abortion rates, the exact opposite of the fewer abortions they say they want. the notion… Read More ›

GetUp! Voices for Transparency

From GetUp! , regarding their campaign to ensure that deceptive “pregnancy counselling” services are legally required to be honest up-front about their anti-abortion stance: When GetUp! and Reproductive Choice Australia began this campaign last year, nearly 20,000 of you signed… Read More ›

Mori to do time? Unlikely.

So I turn on the tabloid TV this morning, and there’s much agitation about the possibility that Major Michael Mori, one of the military lawyers for David Hicks and a personal fave in the shyster ranks, may face charges that… Read More ›