mental illness

Can’t blog: singing!

Earlier this year I started going to a weekly singing group, encouraged by mr tog because it was happening where he does his band practice, and he was sure that getting back into singing regularly again would make me happier. He was right …

Farewell Margaret Olley

Margaret Olley died today. She was 88 years old. One of Australia’s most distinguished painters and supporters of young and emerging artists, Olley was made a Member of the Order of Australia in 1991. She spoke openly about her efforts to overcome both alcoholism and then later in life depression …

Life at 1, 3, 5: disability

The Life at 1, 3 and 5 treatment of disability could have been worse with either a more tragic air or the Fighting Fat episode’s constant refrain of “risk” but that this is still a particularly problematic area for the show to be keeping its tight focus on the particular impact on the abled child when talking about family members with disabilities.

Laughing at mental illness

“Mental illness isn’t abnormal,” she says. “It just exaggerates experiences that everybody goes through. Everybody has felt sad, been slightly hyperactive. Mental illness isn’t this separate world – it’s just a step beyond the normal world.”