Sunday links – mental health

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In no particular order, some random links to posts and articles I have been reading recently, to do with mental health (NB: trigger warnings may apply – possibly even to my descriptions, and my descriptions hopefully indicate the kind of content you will come across in the linked pieces):

  • I had anorexia – but not because I wanted to look like a fashion model by Hadley Freeman at the Guardian. Freeman makes an important point about treating anorexia nervosa as a mental illness – which it is – rather than just saying “oh it’s about young women who want to be thin”.
  • Suicide at Work by Erik Loomis at Lawyers, Guns and Money. Mental health should be part of a work health and safety approach. This is an issue which many in Australia are working to try to address, too.
  • Guest Post: What It’s Like In A Mental Hospital by Ozy Frantz at Captain Awkward. Not a new post, but Captain Awkward recently referred back to it and reminded me of it. A really eye-opening and educative description of staying in a mental hospital.
  • Every goddamn year. by Aoife at Consider the Tea Cosy. Remembering losing someone to depression and suicide.
  • Learning to swim by Jennifer Wilson at No Place for Sheep. A relatively positive note to end on – the gradual process of healing from trauma and abuse; being able to forgive.

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  1. Just so’s you know – the first link isn’t working.

  2. Oops, thanks Megpie. Fixed now!

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