Quickhit: is this one of those “life’s ironies” then?

As I move back into the income-earning world after many years of misdiagnosed and mismedicated mental illness, I no longer have the time to spare to blog extensively, yet blogging is what kept me going while I couldn’t manage anything else.

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  1. I shouldn’t be quite that dismissive – I did have the priority of raising my children while ill, and it’s only now that they are in the latter years of high school and seeking independence that I have the time to spare to work hard against my illness. The time I devoted to them instead of myself was not necessarily the outcome of rational analysis – I suspect that with the correct balanced counselling I could have managed more for all of us – but I wouldn’t take their current awesomeness away just to save me some pain.
    I just realise now that it almost certainly didn’t have to be quite the way that it has been, and that it could have been better for all of us with more tolerance and support of neurodiversity.

  2. I’ll miss your frequent blogging, but am very glad for you that you’re reclaiming other areas of function and satisfaction. The space will go on, though, no matter how infrequently you’re actively blogging – that’s the beauty of a group effort! I thank you for creating and maintaining the space.

  3. I don’t know how I missed your previous post, but the news of you recovering more of your life is great – and missing you blogging as much as you used to is a very small price to pay for knowing that.

  4. What SunlessNick said. Hope this change brings you nothing but goodness.

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