Antibreastfeeding Bingo

We’ve done the other Bingos, and this one’s long overdue. With a nod to all the misogynist trolls out there who’ve provided the material for this card, I present: Antibreastfeeding Bingo! It’s focussed on public breastfeeding conversations, not “mommy wars”… Read More ›

Friday Hoyden: who’s your hoyden?

And when were you last hoydenish?

Open nomination thread for your favourite hoydens: any woman with a whiff of unconventionality about her!

Yes, stay-at home mums absolutely do count: there’s nothing to stop us being audacious, exuberant, and boisterous in our mothering. And you can count yourself, too, if you’ve done anything particularly hoydenish lately. Here’s me:

Happy Mother’s Day

I’m well chuffed with my complete set of Hornblower DVDs. (Thinks: what would a cage-wrestling match between JDF and the Ioan would be like?)