Two little slices of stupid

WA Today: “Marketers cash in on Obama girls

But what will the first mum make of the next wave of lookalikes: child models who are being recruited throughout America because they look like Sasha and Malia?

“People are looking for girls who resemble them,” says Charlie Winfield, the head booker at the FunnyFace Today agency. “Photographers even want them for their portfolios.”

Marlene Wallach, president of Wilhelmina Kids & Teens, says the First Daughters are tough subjects to match. “It’s a very specific age and a very specific ethnicity, so there aren’t that many girls that would necessarily fit the bill.”

The Vancouver Sun: “Kwan’s breast pump deemed security risk: MLA denied boarding with device in carry-on baggage

Kwan, the opposition critic for housing and mental health, gave birth 41/2 months ago to a baby boy, Renan. She has continued to breast-feed him, often expressing her milk with a pump and storing it for feeding later. […]

However, security officials became anxious when the unit went through a scanner. Kwan said she spoke to a supervisor and a manager, both of whom were suspicious about why she would carry a breast pump and ice packs, but have no baby with her.

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  1. “both of whom were suspicious about why she would carry a breast pump and ice packs, but have no baby with her”
    … wouldn’t the “no baby with her” be the reason for the breast pump?
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  2. The stupid… it burnsssss….

  3. I once got pulled up at customs for having food items (expressed breastmilk) caught on the x-ray. In Australia, the customs man was just embarrassed, and waved me through. It was in 2003 – pre the liquid explosive era, though.

  4. I seriously just want to know what the hell security thinks she could possibly have been intending to do with the breast pump. Other than, you know, it’s actual job.

  5. Cause and effect logic is lost on some people. . .
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  6. Turn this plane around or I’ll attach this to your nipple!

  7. I assume it’s the ice packs that are the pertinent part (being, presumably, liquid-ish). Still: Duh.
    Ruth has the right of it: The reason for the ice, certainly, would be the NON-presence of the baby. If’ you’re pumping to feed immediately (if the baby can’t latch properly, for example) you wouldn’t need ice packs.

  8. Oh, and a new slice of stupid hits the tubes.
    The sister act”, by Shelley Gare. Shorter Gare: “Teh wimminz are bitchy, and it’s feminism’s fault.” Tune in for a bonus reprise of the days when Dux chucked a public wobbly over my negative review of one of her opinion pieces involving feminism and “extreme caricatures”.

  9. Aaarrgh! This from the SMH

    The hospital notified DOCS and Jade was admitted to hospital, where with a program of daily physical activity and a healthy diet, she lost three kilograms in two weeks.
    After her discharge, the authorities insisted on supervised visits with her father and community health workers visited the mother to help her learn to buy and cook healthy food, and Jade lost another dress size.

    So a seriously ill child was hospitalised and helped to reduce her weight for her health. Then with help she “lost another dress size”. FFS it’s supposed to be about her health, not her freakin dress size.

  10. Mindy: Today’s flurry of obesity panic is brought to you courtesy of the Medical Journal of Australia, which had a Very Special Issue on obesity. And WA, which is launching the “Draw The Line” campaign, complete with headless-fatty photos on the cover of the online West. I couldn’t write up such a deluge of crap right now, but I did pass the URLs on to Shapely Prose hoping someone there could do it justice.
    Strangely enough, in this particular case history, “Jade” lost those three kg straight after major surgery. Um, duh.

  11. Ahhh, I obviously didn’t get the whole story.
    <a href=””

  12. Ahhh, I obviously didn’t get the whole story.

    Which is _entirely_ my fault, as I failed to put in the link I meant to put in. “When does severe childhood obesity become a child protection issue?”, Shirley M Alexander, Louise A Baur, Roger Magnusson and Bernadette Tobin, MJA 2009; 190 (3): 136-139
    Follow the current-issue table of contents link for a bunch of other stuff.

  13. Strangely enough, I suspect that if “Jade” just ate less of the “junk” food her parents allowed her to eat, and lost weight then the Drs would be patting themselves on the back because she was losing weight, despite the fact that she still didn’t have a healthy diet. They seem more worried about weight than fitness.


  1. Another slice of stupid — Hoyden About Town
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