Happy Mother’s Day

Hornblower climbs the rigging with his sword at the readyI don’t do the whole ritual for Mother’s Day, of the kids getting me breakfast in bed etc. We used to do it for my Mum when I was still living with my parents though. My kids did it a couple of times when they were little, but it’s just not that big a deal for me. I enjoy getting a present, of course – I’m well chuffed with my complete set of Hornblower DVDs. (Thinks: what would a cage-wrestling match between JDF and the Ioan would be like?) But I prefer to have a fuss made over lunch than over breakfast, and we usually do an intergenerational thing here, and meet up with my mum at lunchtime.

What do other Hoydenizens do for Mother’s Day – for your own mums if you’re not a mother yourself?

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  1. Tig, your last couple of entries aren’t surviving LJ syndication well at all. In this one it looks like you’re missing a double quote (to close the title property) and a > (to close the A tag) for your La Fille du Régiment link. In the previous one, Su’s, it seems to stem from the use of smart quotes (which, by the way, I would avoid altogether if I were you — most editors let you turn them off) within a <A> tag.

  2. Damn I did try to get rid of the smartquotes by cut and pasting some dumb ones. Foiled again by my techilliteracy.

  3. I’m chuffed about this Mother’s Day, because I’m getting a new native garden and birdbath outside my bedroom window, to replace the current root-addled red brick paving and UglyTree(tm)!
    Already the laughing turtledoves and spotted turtledoves come down each day for the food and saucer of water that I put out. We chose the local plants from Lullfitz to attract nectar-eating birds as well – grevillea, banksia, kangaroo paws, and so on.

  4. Ah, missed that Sean – I didn’t preview this post before hitting publish because I was racing to go to lunch! Oh well, I have disciplined the offending HTML tags now.
    P.S. I finally twigged the problem for Su’s post – damned curly quotes! Fixed.

  5. Thanks, Tig and su!
    To actually answer the question, I’m going to call my mom (actually, return her call :hangs head in shame:), and order her a Kindle. I bought her a card but was too much of a dumbass to mail it in time.
    I hadn’t realized we’d exported Mother’s Day to the Antipodes. I believe it’s mostly ignored in Germany, where my son and his mom are. (I sent her a card anyway for reasons involving financial support.)

  6. I blogged my Mother’s Day here.
    Deborahs last blog post..Mother’s Day

  7. I had gastro for mother’s day, courtesy of my son. I’m not sure how my hubby missed out, since I was actually out at a work function when our son was sick, apparently in spectacular fashion, and it was all over and he was asleep in bed by the time I got home. I even washed my hands after putting everything in the washing machine, and it still got me. Mother’s day breakfast has been postponed to next weekend. Still I can say that I spent all day in my pyjamas, and most of it in bed.

  8. Oh Mindy, that was my Friday & Saturday! It’s obviously going around, and going by my family has about a 3-day incubation period (so your husband may yet be a pathetic mess in a day or two).
    I felt a lot better on Sunday, although my digestion still feels a touch delicate. I hope you are recovered soon.

  9. I was “lucky” and got the throw up and feel better about 12 hours later version. Although I noticed that even a couple of years difference in age (since I last had it or maybe an extra child) really makes a difference in how quickly you recover. I hope hubby escapes, he can be unbearable when sick!
    Glad you are feeling better too.

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