Sandilands, you’re a prat.

[image credit:, capped by me.] So shock-jock Kyle Sandilands is a complete pillock. We all know that. He’s always been a pillock, he’s not funny, he’s a bigoted, nasty little twit. Sadly, he’s also a judge on Australian Idol,… Read More ›

Ad hoc hoyden

This time around: Suzi Q. On A Mailing List I frequent of which most members are USAns, we were having a long discussion of names and nicknames. Susan and its derivatives came up, which led to the discussion of Susie… Read More ›

You’d flinch too

if Christopher Walken did all his scenes with you after eating three cloves of garlic every morning. This is how Walken manages to make his fellow actors so tense around him that on screen he appears to exude palpable menace,… Read More ›