Sandilands, you’re a prat.

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So shock-jock Kyle Sandilands is a complete pillock. We all know that. He’s always been a pillock, he’s not funny, he’s a bigoted, nasty little twit.

Sadly, he’s also a judge on Australian Idol, a show I otherwise enjoy. He is usually either yelling at another judge that they’re an “idiot”, that their opinions are “crap”, or he’s cracking various preteen-level misogynistic sex jokes. Judges Dicko and Marcia Hines are good value, and Mark Holden is ok (he has grown on me), so it’s not all bad. While there is musical dreck to sort through, occasionally there’s an absolute shining light of a performance like Matt Corby’s song tonight, and that makes it worth watching. Matt is only sixteen, but he is a very mature performer and clearly puts a huge amount of work into it.

So what did Kyle say to Matt when it got around to his turn to comment? He suggested that they should be “gay lovers” from now on. To a sixteen-year-old, in a seven-thirty Sunday night family timeslot, but that’s not the worst of it. He is in a position of extreme power over this kid, who is barely above the age of consent[1], and he is making bad “jokes” proposing they have sex. On national TV and in front of a large live audience. And yes, Matt looked as uncomfortable as I felt.

I have a feeling we may be seeing an apology in the media tomorrow. I can only hope they sack him. Abusive prat.

Edit: Not only is there nothing in the mainstream media today, including no apology, but the Idol website is boasting about the harassment. Screenshot here in case they take it down (click for a larger version).

idol screenshot


1/Oct/07: Edited again to add: There’s clearly no remorse or even concern: they played this remark again on the recaps on today’s results show. They also showed Sandilands’ creepy but less overtly harassing remark to contestant Carl Riseley, who played his trumpet as part of his performance: “A man like you should get his horn out as often as possible”. But at least this wasn’t a direct proposition, and Carl is a grownup.

One brief thread on this on the official Idol forums has been deleted. Otherwise, I seem to be the only person on the internet who doesn’t think it was all a HY-LARIOUS joke.

What the fuck is going on?

If he had said this to a sixteen-year-old girl, would the reactions be different? Why, or why not?


[1] possibly below it, as the male-male age of consent is different from the male-female age in some places, but since I think that’s an immoral distinction, I’m not emphasising it.

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4 replies

  1. What on Mars’ desert plains was he, for want of a better word, “thinking”?

  2. I can’t think of any planet in this solar system on which that’s not actionable sexual harassment. You?

  3. This is precisely the reason the grownups in our house have been actively breaking the Idol-habit that the family succumbed to during the last two series.
    True, the judges on occasion make good calls and give good advice, and there might be shining performances from the contestants. But not enough to make us put up with another year of Kyle’s judging and bickering, and the torturing lines: “Australia has voted … we’ll find out after the break”.
    In our case it’s going to be as long a break as possible.

  4. Gaaaah.
    That is all.

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