Sunday Singalong: Donna Summer

So sad to hear she died this week, reportedly of cancer at the age of 63. Her biggest hits were the disco anthems of “Love to Love You Baby”, “Hot Stuff”, “Bad Girls”, “No More Tears”, “MacArthur Park”, and my very favourite, “I Feel Love”. She had an incredible mezzo-soprano voice.

Sunday Singalong: Alabama Shakes

How much do I love this sensational new band from Athens, Alabama (soon to join Athens, Georgia in indie-rock iconography)? How much do I love their singer, Brittany Howard? Let me count the ways.

Sunday Singalong: Salt n Pepa

Salt n Pepa’s hip hop songs were filled to the brim with feminist messages about self-respect and sexual autonomy from “Let’s Talk About Sex” to “Ain’t Nuthin But A She Thing” and their songs were sooo catchy.

Sunday Singalong: Alanis Morisette

I’ll come right out and be honest and say that I’m not a huge Alanis Morisette fan but you know she did make one of the best angry, break-up songs ever and it feels good to have one of those written from the woman’s point of view.

Sunday Singalong: Hole

Image credit. I have been dying to do Hole for a Sunday Singalong because they’re easily my favourite ‘angry young women’ (and one man) band of all time. Courtney Love, who loves word play and drilling into the sexism of… Read More ›