Friday Hoyden: Bernadina van Tiel

I was watching a repeat of Schools Spectacular 2012 the other day, and folks, this girl. This girl. Her name is Bernadina, she was eighteen when she performed this, and she is about to blow your socks off.

Expectations of Deception

Gary Younge is upset about the level of deception which is present within everyday society. He feels this is dangerous, and we’re in danger of subsiding into a culture of fakery and deceit. He uses the examples of Beyonce’s lip-synching the US national anthem during the presidential inaguration, the discovery of horse DNA in budget beef burgers in the UK, and Lance Armstrong’s very public confession of taking performance enhancing drugs during his professional cycling career as examples of this tendency.

I have a slightly different take on things. I think it comes down to the tyranny of expectations.

Whimsy: Musical Pets edition

Sometimes we all need to see teh awesome. Please share anything that has recently surprised, delighted, intrigued or otherwise positively engaged you! Meet Tucker the piano-playing singing Schnoodle.

Sunday Singalong: Björk

Björk possesses a soprano vocal range, apparently. She released her first solo album at the age of 11. But we all got to know her in Australia when she was in The Sugarcubes, which was pretty much the first Icelandic… Read More ›