Friday Hoyden: Madonna

Just like the political press gallery, the showbiz beat reporters love to have a predictable narrative for artists, especially female performers, and she just doesn’t play that game.

Mamapalooza is coming to Sydney

The hugely popular Mamapalooza: Artists Celebrating Motherhood is coming to Australia – Sydney, at Tap Gallery in Darlinghurst for the week of 7-13 May 2012, and right now they’re looking for performers who are mothers – singers/poets/dancers/songwriters/actors/performance artists/stand-up etc, as… Read More ›

Sunday Singalong: Violeta Parra

OK, this one is Violeta Parra, an incredibly haunting Chilean folk singer who saw folk music as a “weapon against oppression”.  Yeah which revolutionary didn’t? She and her children became the song-writers of the left-wing political movement of her country…. Read More ›

Copyright hell: larrakins and astrologers

Warner’s copyright troll acquisition Larrakin Music won the right to “Land Down Under” royalties in the High Court, and Astrolabe Inc shut down the widely used zoneinfo timezone database. Not the public interest’s best day in copyright-land.