Moral panic stifles useful dialogue on social media “trolling”

From work I’ve been doing for a forthcoming book on new media and Australian politics, I have some useful data that may partially inform this discussion in the form of Facebook wallposts from 600 Australians collected before this recent debate took off (late 2011). In recent days I’ve reanalysed this dataset to shed some light on the treatment of women in the social media space.

Yes, you are awful too

Kate Harding: if your solution to sexist abuse on the internet is, “Just don’t let anyone know your gender, or see a picture of you, or ever mention where you live”, you are so fucking awful, I can’t even.

Why is it always

… contrarians who can’t be arsed to set up their own free blog who whinge about being “silenced” when they’re not allowed to dominate comment threads on other people’s blogs?

FYI: about those unsolicited guest post offers

I don’t care what that SEO manual is telling you about how offering your guest posts to other bloggers (on condition that there’s a link back to your blog) is a fine and dandy way to increase your readership and your search engine ranking. If you’ve never even left a single comment attempting to engage with our commenting community, then asking us to publish a post of yours on spec is simply downright rude.

ObDefinition: Grepping Loon

A grepping loon is someone who searches out particular terms on the Internet for the purpose of cutting and pasting a prepared rant or disingenuous misrepresentation of a topic rather than engaging in substantive discussion of the topic.