Eyeroll du jour

I think I’ve been remarkably restrained:

I found this checklist on another site and thought it deserves inclusion, with critique, on the blog.

The Male Privilege Checklist

[huge snip]

[Moderator note: it appears to be time again for Netiquette for Newbs

When quoting another post, LINK TO IT
* It’s a matter of ethics, so that other readers can examine the original post in context and compare it to your representation of it.
* It also gives the original author some linkjuice, which is simply good manners.

Read comprehensively before commenting!
* the post to which you refer is referenced in this very post – it is one of the final references for further reading. It has not been ignored or unconsidered. To completely miss this, and to then accuse the author of not sufficiently proving the argument is rude just for a start and completely exposes you as an insufficiently careful reader. Nobody will take your criticisms seriously if you can’t even read for meaning accurately.

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~ tigtog]


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  1. And I’ve just edited it to add another point under the Read the Comments Policy bold text:

    * this is your fourth comment for the day, which shows that you have not read the Rules for New Commentors in the Comments Policy. Normally I wouldn’t have even published this comment, but the point needs to be made for the benefit of other readers as well.

    I’m not just being especially grumpy, am I?

  2. You are the very model of restraint.

  3. Ha! I try, but sometimes it’s an effort.
    I await the inevitable accusation of censorship and “you can’t handle the truth” with something less than relish.

  4. I’m tipping a ‘this is why you feminists are seen as bitter harridans/if you took more care in how the message was delivered you’d have more supporters’ twofer.
    Although I confess to being intrigued as to how, exactly, he plans to ‘do all [he] can to dismantle privilege’ once he is suitably convinced it exists.

    • Oh dear, I’m a horrid bully, apparently:

      Typical. Don’t respond to arguments, just snip them. As you don’t want to debate the issues, but instead simply want to bully anyone who doesn’t agree with you around to your way of thinking, I’m going to move on to sites that consider gender equality as opposed to a site for people who blame all their failings on being women (when in fact it seems to be due to a shyness to the points of view of others).

      How Dare I not Bend The Rules for new commentors so that all could receive his Fresh Manly Wisdom?

  5. Oh dear. A flounce? The poor baby, you hurted his pwecious fee fees. And I have to laugh at anyone bitching because imposing a *gasp* THREE PARAGRAPH limit to comments is so ~*stifling*~ to their freedom of trollspeech.

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