Checks to see if Guest Posting Policy link is still in our sidebar

Why, yes it is!  Quite near the top, even.

So why do people still send us general cut-and-paste guest post offers which clearly display their lack of familiarity with our policy?

As Miranda would say: RUDE.

An animated gif cut from the BBC sitcom

Miranda says that’s rude.

P.S. We’re always interested in guest posts from known friends of HaT.

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  1. Plus: since I posted my last little venting about this particular lapse in netiquette, there seems to be a new tactic being advised when blog-owners ignore the first what-they-call “pitch”: 48 hours later they email one again!
    Frightfully infra dig.

  2. We should have a thread of our fav Miranda moments. Oh wait that’s all of them. Plus Call the Midwife.

  3. I would support a thread of Miranda Hart fannish squee.

  4. *fan squeeeeeeeee!*

  5. ::reads Guest policy::
    What!?! Irrelevant blog posts aren’t required?
    ::flounces out::
    ::trips over footstool::

  6. *joins Mindy squeeing*

    The clip of her from her sketch show doing the What Not To Wear sendup. My fave EVAH.

  7. OOoh close. First up, for a golden flounce, you cannot have read the guest policy, you have to claim that everyone is unimportant and not worth talking to, you don’t trip over a footstool, you have to trip over your own teeth with both feet in your mouth, and THEN, to completely show your ability, you have to flounce back in just to tell everyone how unimportant they are and totally not worth the time to type anything including the flounce, and then flounce back out again.
    A spirited attempt for this talented newcomer, and someone to watch, as we expect some truly monumental flouncing next season, unless they don’t announce their retirement from professional flouncing this season.

  8. Having been doing Pilates for a few weeks now I can tell you that flouncing with both feet in your mouth requires a very flexible thoracic spine. I’m sure TT can back me up on this.
    I think a few more yoga poses, some advanced pilates and quite a lot of physiotherapy could be a real boon for this flouncer. I’m giving it 8 out of 10 rubber chickens.

  9. YetAnotherMatt at No. 10 – you owe me a cup of coffee now!
    ::sponges down monitor::

  10. Sure. Next time a Horde of Hoydens sits around at a Cafe somewhere, if you see me, remind me then.

    • I’m not sure the correct collective noun for hoydens is “horde” (besides, the Pharyngulites already nabbed that one).
      a snark of hoydens
      a hodgepodge of hoydens
      a melange of hoydens

  11. How about a hoard of hoydens…because this place is a treasure trove…

  12. A peril of hoydens (in keeping with the terrifying ramifications of the word)?

  13. Megpie, now I have an uncontrollable urge to indulge in the lurk/leap/BOO!!!! combination. I blame you for the terror which is about to visit my family (in the morning, because it’s bedtime now).

  14. No! Not the dreaded Sleep/breakfast/coffee/lurk/leap/BOO! It is too powerful to be trusted, and will endanger your very soul!

    Maybe an agenda of Hoydens? Or a guffaw of Hoydens?

  15. A peril of hoydens, I like it!
    … though most of the lurking and leaping in our house is done by the clowder or clutter of cats.
    Totally scientific fact: it only takes one cat to make a clutter.

  16. The lurking and leaping in this house is due to a Tiny Tyrant. I don’t want to THINK about a large group of him! ROFL
    One is more than enough. 🙂

  17. Tiny Tyrant: the term that applies to children and rather a lot of furkids. Example: Disapproving Rabbits.

  18. Also: my spawn’s online Pseudonym.
    Because, lo, we are Pterry fans, and highly sarcastic to those anti-AP members of our family who threatened “that baby will be a tyrant and rule your lives if you keep doing it(parenting) that way!”

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