Weekend flashback: chainmail chicks and boots galore

This movie didn’t do very well. Partly because this movie poster promised a lot more Conan/Arnie than was there (so the word of mouth was ‘what a ripoff’) and partly because they didn’t give Brigitte Nielsen exactly the costume the fans were expecting, which was more along the lines of this eminently practical warrior garb – the chainmail bikini:

He didn’t like it, no sirree

Peter MacCallum titles his review “A cruelty that extends to all within earshot” and opens with

First I need to be honest and say that I found Peter Goldsworthy and Richard Mills’s Batavia the vilest thing I have experienced in the theatre.
It’s an appallingly studied invectival tirade masquerading as a brutal-but-fair assessment. One is forced to wonder whether Messrs Goldsworthy and Mills ever tied MacCallum down and popped a ferret in his trousers, such is his spite.

The libretto of Batavia tells a tale of violence and brutal despair that is possibly unmatched even in the world of opera, but is that any excuse to cynically coopt the language of violence in order to produce hyperbole such as this?

Look at this tree

Seems rather attractive doesn’t it? Harmless? Innocent even? Don’t you believe it. A close relative of this tree has been working fiendishly for several years now to lever up one of the large concrete slabs that makes up my driveway…. Read More ›

NYT: the anti-contraceptive movement

There’s a growing trend amongst religious conservatives, not just Catholics, to inveigh against all forms of family-planning, not just abortion. It’s worthwhile for Australians to examine the rhetoric of the anti-choice contra-contraception crowd in the USA, because it’s their religiously… Read More ›

Daddy Dearest

Look at the man with his young daughter at the Father-Daughter ball. And all the other dads dancing there with their daughters. They look kinda sweet, don’t they? I would have thought that these two girls were a bit young… Read More ›