Control your jealousy

Next year, I will be paid to torture teenagers who want to win Australian Idol. The tigling’s high school needs tutors who are willing to supplement the instruction given in the school music curriculum. It will only be a few… Read More ›

Mighty testosterone

LONDON ““ Fatherhood significantly reduces men’s testosterone levels, a study has shown. Researchers in the United States compared levels of the male sex hormone among single men and married men, both with and without children, among students. Those who were… Read More ›

V. tasteless but v.funny

Safe for work unless you’re terrified of fire and brimstone or surrounded by those who resent you deeply because you’re not. It’s fun to stay at the: Tiny SFW thumbnail via zuzu NB: I tried to track the blog chain… Read More ›

Daddy Dearest redux

There’s now special DVD’s being marketed to not only remember that special Daddy-Daughter night forever, but obviously to persuade other girls that they should take part as well. [warning: brain-bleach may well be required afterwards]

oh, and by the way

“The suspect has only one hand“. This was tagged on at the end of a standard description (medium height, short brown hair etc etc) of a con-artist the police are looking for, as read out on the radio while I… Read More ›

Foetuses behind a plane

I learnt over at Another Blog today that in some places in the States kind people will fly over your place of work, study or recreation and attempt to horrify you. Apparently, all over the USA this last summer, if… Read More ›


That’s the only word for some of the recent spats in what were previously some of my favourite corners of cyberspace. First there were the feminister-than-thou wars about lipstick and marriage (see Pandagon and Feministe), then there were the pseudonymity… Read More ›