If bare midriffs and short-shorts really made athletes run faster

then this is what the male sprinters would be wearing.

Two men sprinters have been photoshopped to make their uniforms look like the women's uniforms

Yes, we're running faster!

It’s instructive to compare male and female track costumes over the last few decades.
The 1984 Olympics:
1984 Olympics - women sprinters (L), men sprinters (R)

1984 Olympics

The 2000 Olympics:
2000 Olympics 4x100 relay teams - Australian women (L), US men (R)

2000 Olympics 4x100 relay teams

The August 2006 European Championships:

2006 European Championships - women's race (L), men's race (R)

2006 European Championships

Strange how the costumes are moving in opposite directions on the short-long axis. At the next Olympics I expect these empowerful women to be running in Sports Corsets.


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  1. I figure that everyone, male and female, should be completely nekkid. Sure the kids might have a few questions for mum and dad during the pole vault, but, they have to learn some time.
    In all seriousness – the worst case of what you’re talking about came at the last Olympics, where the female volleyball players were compelled to wear uber-sexy sportswear. I’m not sure there’d be a way to justify the necessity for reduced clothing in a sport like volleyball.

  2. Yes, that was the beach volleyball so that they got extra risk of sunburn as well!
    I think the stadium volleyball girls got a bit more clothing because a hard floor, even if it’s gym-sprung, can be rather more unforgiving graze/scrape-wise than sand.
    I just don’t understand why we’ve gone so backwards since 1984 with the hypersexualisation of women.

  3. I have distinct recollections of bun huggers being around since the ’70s. Warsaw Pact female athletes seemed to favor them, at least the sprinters did.
    I deplore the lycra longjohn look. Men’s distance runners are holding onto their shorts for the most part, thank god. They all should go back to singlet and shorts. The sprints can wear split shorts if they insist.
    Here in Yurp, God-fearing normal running shorts are damn hard to find. I was looking for in the sports store today and all they had were the lyrca tights. Feh.

  4. Sure, I wore bun huggers in the 70s but they sat on the lower hip socket crease, not up on the iliac prominence like they do in the Olympics 2000 shots, and not such low waistlines that the athlete needs a bikini wax like the 2006 Euro championships shots.
    I think both sexes looked sleek and comfortable in 1984 – yay for split shorts etc – so what the fuck is up with today’s fashions?


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