On unexamined privileges and unconscious behaviours

Is there anyone reading along here who knows enough feminist theory to grok the concept of unexamined privilege who doesn’t believe in unconscious/subconscious sexism? Surely we all know by now that many if not most of the most insidious and difficult to change sexist behaviours are those that operate as unexamined habits rather than conscious choices.

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Sexual assault perp Kyle Payne is asking for it – feel free to respond

kylepayneKyle Payne, fauxminist, predator, and sexual assaulter, is up for open sentencing on August 11, though he is asking for it to be postponed so that he can continue his “counselling” and solicitation of “letters of support”.

Kyle Payne was a rape crisis advocate, women’s studies student, and resident advisor at his university. While “looking after” an unconscious drunk student in his care, he undid her shirt and took a photograph and video of her breast.

He has now published a statement on his blog, closed comments on it, and emailed a bunch of feminist bloggers to alert them to it. Yeah – he’s soliciting letters of support from feminists, in an effort to influence his sentence. Mm, that’ll go well: