Hands Up Who Saw This Tweet Coming

So in Rupert’s world, if you are famous and popular enough to make oodles of money for people like him, then you should be allowed to punch people and everybody else should just shrug and move on.

Our Unconsciousness regarding Privilege and Bias

This is stuff regular readers likely already know, but it’s nice to have links to stuff for others. Two recent op-eds from the NYT discuss how decision makers in a wide range of gatekeeper roles are more likely to make discretionary accommodations for some people than others while not noticing that this is what they’re doing:

Nugget of Awesome: I wouldn’t mind losing my privileges if it meant other people were treated the same way as I am

I like that I don’t worry about being beaten for my sexuality by bigots. I like that I don’t worry about being pulled over by a cop because my skin color. I like that I don’t have to be worried about being under paid because of my gender and race. I like that I don’t worry about people attacking me for finding out that my sex at birth and gender match. I like that I don’t worry about a bunch of people making laws over what goes on in my body. I like that I can speak out and not worry about being physically assaulted due to my size and gender.