The Church Of Bob

There are the beginnings of a promising SFF fandom TOD developing over at Scalzi’s joint, for those who have spare popcorn lying around.

Wednesday Wow: A Heart Among Giant Desire

Found in my regular trawl through the WOW! flickr image pool.

I grew up as a bushwalker (hiker/rambler for you foreign types). I’ve never been to somewhere with trees quite like this, but it brings back fond memories of walks through quiet, wild spaces.


This is the first in an occasional series: as I find especially appealing timesinks I will share them with you all. The first: The Paper Art of David Callesen: A4 Papercuts (Callesen’s index page)

Ad hoc hoyden

When I was putting the banners for this blog together, I trudged through the intertubes in search of pics of my favourite hoydens and found heaps, but obviously I couldn’t put all the pics in, or I would have had… Read More ›

*That* was exhausting

Just returned from an afternoon of centenary celebrations at a local landmark building. The theme was a sampling from what was going on in 1906, with readings from newspaper clippings (from all around the world, not just locally) and musical… Read More ›

Weekend Flashback: first Swords and Sandals edition

I feel like I jinxed this last week with my bragging of weather warm enough to wear sandals in the first week of spring. Tonight it is blowing a gale and downpouring buckets of rain. My palm tree shed its dry fronds all over the street two days ago – I guess it’s one way to meet a new neighbour as he helps get them off the roadway.
Ben Hur races Messala
Anyway, to inaugurate the sandals season, it has to be the one by which all others are measured: are they bigger than this?

Weekend flashback: chainmail chicks and boots galore

This movie didn’t do very well. Partly because this movie poster promised a lot more Conan/Arnie than was there (so the word of mouth was ‘what a ripoff’) and partly because they didn’t give Brigitte Nielsen exactly the costume the fans were expecting, which was more along the lines of this eminently practical warrior garb – the chainmail bikini: