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When I was putting the banners for this blog together, I trudged through the intertubes in search of pics of my favourite hoydens and found heaps, but obviously I couldn’t put all the pics in, or I would have had eleventy-gazillion headers. But I might share some that didn’t make the final cut with you anyway, every now and then.

This week, in deference to those who shrieked when they thought I’d lost Mrs Peel from the sidebar (she’s not on the main page, but on all the others), let’s see some more of Diana Rigg.

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  1. And here she is at 68, still beautiful.

  2. And one more.
    I find this quote, attributed to her at IMDB, very sad:

    [on hitting middle age] “I am devastated at what has happened. I have completely disappeared. I am totally invisible. I never really liked my sexy label but on the other hand, to disappear so totally is quite startling.”

    Life is unfair.

  3. Ack, I screwed up Vicki’s link by trying to edit the comment so that the picture would show. [link]

    That is a sad quote, Vicki. I actually found becoming matronly enough for social invisibility quite liberating (once I’d got over the astonishment at it happening), but then I mainly had The Gaze for my titanic tits, which is rather more objectifying than being a famous beauty, where at least The Gaze also loves the face.

  4. Of course Ms Rigg is hot.
    Sophia Loren is older and hot too.
    Hot enough for the new Pirelli Calendar.

  5. Oh, wait until the second series of Extras comes to town. You’ll get to see Dame Rigg in all her glory…

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