Wednesday Wow: A Heart Among Giant Desire

A Heart Among Giant Desire, originally uploaded by Eric Rolph.

Found in my regular trawl through the WOW! flickr image pool.

I grew up as a bushwalker (hiker/rambler for you foreign types). I’ve never been to somewhere with trees quite like this, but it brings back fond memories of walks through quiet, wild spaces.

I still remember quite clearly watching a herd of brumbies (wild horses) startle as we walked through the Bluegum Forest, and how odd their unshod hooves sounded. And waking up to wild goats around our tent on a mountain ridge. And getting lost once with my little sister, and not panicking, and eventually finding another member of the walking club because of his propensity for loud haranguing conversations audible from a great distance.

I need to get my kids out into the bush more.

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  1. This is Hawaii, but the image conjures the feeling I imagine I’d have standing in a forest in south west Tassie. One day I’ll do that.

  2. This could be the central highlands of Victoria or Tasmania, but Vic and Tas have much more understorey and of course the unspeakably fab epiphytic ferns, yum yum yum.

    I wish I was there.

  3. Reminds me a little of the Dandenongs. The Mountain Ash forest along the Black Spur road in particular.

  4. It could also be by the stream of my land in the BMs. Millenia of soil washed down from the slopes has accumulated on the bottom flats and allowed blue gums to reach stunning height as they strive for sunlight abbreviated by the slopes on all sides. I’d guess 50mts.
    There are caves/rock overhangs down there still with soot from indigenes fires, all 2 hrs from Sydney CBD.

  5. Yes the very same.
    The Black Spur is like a cathedral.

  6. And you need to come to the Pacific Northwest to see the ancient cedars, redwoods, etc. before they’re gone.
    Being around 1000 yo trees is a religious experience.

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