Big Brother Friday Fauxpology: Mo’s been in the headmaster’s office before, hasn’t he?

Just thought I’d revisit Big Brother UK with a little “Oh no he didn’t!” post.

As clip one begins, Mikey, the blind cross-dressing Scotsman radio dude, has just had his hair shaved off as part of a task. The task involved the housemates cutting or clipping their hair such that the combined hair filled a flask to the top.

[Transcripts/summaries of clips are at the bottom of the post.]

I’m guessing Mo would justify this action, outside the house, as being just him, paragon of equalism, treating everyone equally badly. You can sure tell that he’s been in that hot chair before, and knows exactly the script to follow, though he still stumbles over it. It grates.

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Daria and other rebels

In comments to Lauredhel’s post about the princessification of Dora the Explorer, Helen and I have been discussing other animated girl characters whom we enjoy. We’re both fans of Daria, whom Helen epitomises beautifully as “dry as dust”. Daria is enduring high school until she can get away to further studies outside her conformist suburban community.