sexual assault

Repellent Robbo, rape apologist

Clive Robertson, the man once considered a charmingly irascible curmudgeon on top rated TV and radio shows now battles to retain a midnight to dawn talk-back radio show, and if there’s any justice then what Media Watch revealed last night… Read More ›

Brainstorming alert

I need some input on an FAQ on “rape apology” for Finally, A Feminism 101 Blog. I want to make sure that I cover all the bases and include lots of links. Any suggestions gratefully considered.

Special snowflake watch

A physicist commenting on a post about how a newspaper report of a social sciences paper (speculating on why the rate of rape by Israeli soldiers against Palestinian women is reportedly low) has whipped up somewhat of a rightwing frenzy… Read More ›

Rape in the military

One of the signs of changing attitudes towards rape, and sexual coercion generally in Western society, where it is harder for men now to openly claim that rape is sometimes OK or to believe that sometimes coerced sex is not… Read More ›

Wealth and justice in Orange County

The only reason these young men ever came to trial is that they not only videotaped their gang-rape and foreign object assault of their unconscious 16-year-old schoolmate Jane Doe, but they showed the tape to friends at parties to brag of what they’d done.