Lib wannabe busted: snaps open woman’s bra-strap in “party trick” in chambers

Troy Buswell wanted to be the leader of the Western Australian Liberal Party.

Now, his “dream is in tatters”, according to a report.

Buswell has been dinged for snapping open the bra strap of a Labor Party staffer, in the Speaker’s chambers, October last year.

Reporter: “You were in a room with a female parliamentary staffer . . . we’ve got quite a few details … regarding a bra strap being fiddled with and sort of … a party trick happening in there.”

There was very long pause.

Reporter: “Are you there?”

Mr Buswell: “Yes, mate.”

Reporter: “We’ve got quite strong information … this was some of the detail that wasn’t reported on this particular incident in October … we wouldn’t want to publish something without having a chat to you first.”

Another long pause.

Mr Buswell: “All right, I’ll, can I just go and get my thoughts together and give you a call back?”

Mr Buswell didn’t phone back or return our calls yesterday.


Mr Buswell had been drinking with members of a yachting delegation on October 23 at parliament.

The deputy liberal leader has been criticised for missing some parliamentary business on the night and appearing drunk in the chamber.

It is also common knowledge that he tried to cuddle fellow Liberal Rob Johnson, who did not welcome his attention.

He’s not the sharpest crayon in the box, eh?

Via PerthNorg.

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