Squee-Files: Galactic Suburbia nominated for a Hugo!

Congratulations to the fine women of Galactic Suburbia! Here’s how Alisa, Alex and Tansy open the summary of their latest podcast in response:

In which this Hugo nominated podcast is Hugo nominated and discusses the Hugo nominations while being Hugo nominated. Also, the internet is full of things. Some of those things discuss gender, feminism and equality, some have wide ranging implications for the future of SF awards, and some of them are nominated for Hugos.

If you’d like to give the podcast a try, look at this handy-dandy embedded playlist from podbean.com –

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3 replies

  1. OMG!! I squeed when I saw that the latest episode had landed but hadn’t had time to listen yet. Thanks a million, Hoydenz, for telling me about this podcast. It’s become a must-listen in my crowded [whatever the collective noun for a podcast is] of podcasts.

  2. I squeed SO LOUD. Am halfway through the episode, and chuckling along. People may be looking at me strangely.
    It’s an awesome achievement, and in such a strong field of podcasts – I’d love Galactic Suburbia to win, but I’d cheer on the other possible winners too.

  3. Oh, that’s FABULOUS.

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