Devastated by Dame Helen

Ack. I can’t even write about this. Coverage from others: Helen Mirren tells men’s magazine date rape shouldn’t be illegal – why, oh why?! from The F-Word Blog by Jess McCabe Helen Mirren thinks date rape shouldn’t be illegal? from… Read More ›

Feminism Friday linkage:

Impossibly Beautiful
from Shakesville by Melissa McEwan (read the whole series, linked at the foot of the post)

Olympic medal-winning women called “gold-diggers”
from Feministing by Ann

aussie gold diggers

Why feminism should be taught in schools
From The Times by Joan Smith

Looking back, I’m amazed at how much we achieved – many feminist ideas, such as the right to maternity leave, have become mainstream – but I’m also horrified by the casual misogyny of 21st-century life. Since my book, Misogynies, was first published in 1989, it has got much worse.

But 21st-century politicians don’t use the vocabulary of their 20th-century forebears, and feminism needs to reinvent itself as much as any other political movement.

Also from The Times:

How more vile (and thick (and don’t forget vile)) can McCain possibly be?

He pimped his wife to voters as a potential contestant in a local “beauty contest” that involves skimpy swimwear, topless parades and simulated sex acts – (edited to addwhich to be fair I’m sure he didn’t know was quite so “risque”, but it’s still totally objectifying his wife). (Video here of both McCain’s “quip” and a typical night’s entertainment in the contest) As I’m sure you’ll all

Bob Ellis: sexist scum

Rather bemused to find this story through Shakesville via Mark Steyn via Tim Blair via Currency Lad, but they’ve got Bob Ellis bang to rights regarding this column for ABC’s Unleashed. I’m getting to hate this woman. Her towering frigidity,… Read More ›