Friday Hoyden: Emma Thompson

Seeing as I finally caught up with Nanny McPhee this week, I was planning to give the accolade to the ridiculously talented Emma Thompson anyway, as I was reminded anew of her streak of iconoclasm. Then I saw a post from Melissa at Shakesville about her severe dose of Emmalove, and simply couldn’t wait.

emma of arc
Image source: via Shakesville

Just go read Melissa’s post. That tale encapsulates Emma’s habit of stalwart action against unrealistic expectations in the entertainment industry wonderfully.

Brava Emma. Long may she reign. (And yes, I always tear up at that moment in Love, Actually too.)

Addit: Kate Harding has the Emmalove as well.

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  1. Is it possible not to love her? I first encountered her playing Beatrice (an awesome fictional hoyden herself) in Much Ado About Nothing, and I haven’t stopped loving her since.

  2. Love the picture, too.

  3. Best Vanity Fair cover ever! Another reason to love Emma; she is chair of the Helen Bamber foundation which advocates for victims of cruelty and spoke recently about how the tendency not to register the births of girls in some countries puts those girls at higher risk for human trafficking.
    She is writing a sequel to Nanny Mcphee apparently. I hope they have similar art direction for the sequel because I adored the insanely lurid colour scheme in the first.

  4. Liss found that. Should add an image credit.

  5. Brava Emma!
    soccer mom in denial’s last blog post..Raising money by running a marathon

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