Silence owes no explanation

Prefacing Disclaimer: I have no special knowledge of what is happening amongst the Shakesville team, and to re-emphasise the post title, I don’t feel that I am owed any communication from anyone on the team. UPDATE: As I was posting… Read More ›

Friday Hoyden: Melissa McEwan

Our first blogospheric Friday Hoyden. Liss provides an extraordinary service to the readers of Shakesville, having created and maintained a safe space for progressive discussion as well as ensuring lots of fun. Yet she’s doing it tough, because she earns… Read More ›

Obstreperation round-up

Just the most recent posts from my feed-reader that have made me stroppy: Yarl’s Wood staff steal legal guide from asylum seeker from The F-Word Blog by Jess McCabe Anti-choice website: Being a teen mom is cool! from Feministing by… Read More ›

Election Watch: Open thread

As well as the US elections in November, we have elections coming up in New Zealand (also in November) and Canada (in October). Hoydenizen Deborah is guest-blogging at Larvatus Prodeo with NZ election coverage, onya Deborah! An election ad for… Read More ›

Friday feminist linkage

Various items I failed to blog in the last week or two are linked below. ETA: What have Hoydenizens read lately that should be shared more widely? Turn that douchehound upside down (from Shapely Prose by Sweet Machine) – commentors… Read More ›