There’s an Office of the Messiah

It’s in Tasmania. Terence from the Office of the Messiah in Tasmania sends Richard Dawkins (and cc’s PZ Myers) long emails pointing out their multitudinous errors. Breaking News Be advised that the awaited Messiah and Divine Saviour and Just Leader… Read More ›

Yes and No

This post has been hanging around as a draft since February, because I wasn’t quite happy with it. Lindsay’s recent post (and my response), on how misusing “moderate” to describe faith positions which don’t preach intolerance imputes that the intolerant… Read More ›


I haven’t posted here about the Virginia Tech massacre, because I had nothing adequate to say. I got in an argument about guns over at LP, and that was one reason I didn’t write on it here either. Sadly No!… Read More ›

Damn straight

There Is No Fucking Face On Mars. Link (and wording for link) both lifted shamelessly from the 44th Skeptic’s Circle at Salto sobrius, which as usual for the SC, had lots of good stuff to check out.