Virtual Travelling: baby love

This week’s photo sent me travelling back in time: How well I remember that utter fascination with those tiny limbs and their perfection, the wonder that this gorgeous new person had come from our flesh. It’s just as well that… Read More ›

In a nutshell

Commentor caffeine over at Shapely Prose, in response to Kate’s post about a study claiming that the 30% of Caucasians with a genetic propensity to become fat can avoid putting on weight if they “just get three to four hours… Read More ›

Bedside Manner

I shared this on my eljay the other day, and thought some Hoydenizens might appreciate it. ‘Tis a conversation I had with my son, known online as The Lad, the other day after school. I wish I could adequately communicate the tone of voice and the flourishes.

“Hi. I’m Doctor Lad.”

“Hi, Doctor.”

“I’m going to have to take an X-ray. Zzht. zzp, zzp, zht. Ohhhhh.” [serious look]