Virtual Travelling: baby love

This week’s photo sent me travelling back in time:

big and little

How well I remember that utter fascination with those tiny limbs and their perfection, the wonder that this gorgeous new person had come from our flesh. It’s just as well that hormones and instincts cause this total infatuation with infant offspring, otherwise none of us would ever survive the constant disruption of bringing a new person into the world: I met an old friend last week whose first child has just turned 3 months old: little Molly was completely gorgeous and both parents did an awfully good impression of people who weren’t totally off their heads with sleep deprivation. Good luck with it all, L!

Other images which have caught my eye over the last few weeks:

Mosaic: explore favourites October 6 2008

1. Love is in the air, 2. La reversibilidad del simulacro, 3. Good Pipeline, 4. Red Panda, 5. I BELIVE I CAN FLY, 6. Il suei di Ongjarine, 7. Good morning v2., 8. Gape, 9. Erindale Park…Flickr Meet :o), 10. big & little, 11. The eye of the tiger, 12. Le Panthéon, 13. Kilt Rock Waterfall, 14. The magic umbrella, 15. a glorious day ~, 16. a fanciful day ~, 17. girl power, 18. Mr. Shark is a FUGGER!!!, 19. If you go down to the woods today….., 20. It is the Journey that Matters, 21. Overhead Circle of Fire, 22. Jenny, the Moon, and the Spinning Fire…, 23. The Black Assasin is pouncing me, 24. Alert, 25. eye #3, 26. Daybreak at the Golden Gate, 27. Portal to Big Sur, 28. The Light behind the Scripps Pier, 29. Cracked Green Egg, found at the Great Salt Lake, Utah., 30. escaleravaticano2, 31. There’s no need to fear…!, 32. The Long Awaited Sunset, 33. Untitled, 34. Zion and Tracy jumping, 35. Spätsommersprung [explore], 36. A Hop, Skip and a Jump

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  1. My smallest one will be three shortly and I continue to marvel at his big brown eyes and tiny little hands. You are right kids do get you. Just a simple smile and something in me melts.

  2. Oh the tiny feet picture. My kid is now so big that he has bigger hands and feet than me, but I remember when his little hands were so small and warm and sticky in mine. They are still warm and sticky, but now they are like giant puppy paws.

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